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Global Eye Security Services, (GESS) as the name suggests is a company focusing on providing Safety and Security services to all types and sizes of facilities. Our services are designed to provide you with state of the art security services that will ensure maximum safety and security of your assets.

As a company we have the required experience and expertise of providing safety and security services to a wide range of facilities ranging from Educational Institutions to Healthcare Facilities, Corporate Offices to Manufacturing Units, Shopping Malls to Research Centers, Apartment Complexes to Hotels and resorts, all with varying degrees of Safety and Security requirements. Our in house Panel of security experts posses we requisite experience and exposure for providing safety and security to many high potential targets and entities .

At GESS we believe that security is deterrent and therefore requires immense assessment and planning to ensure maximum safety and security of a facility. It is in keeping with this belief of ours that we have constituted a highly skilled and experienced team to assess and determine the potential vulnerabilities and chalk out a security plan, that is viable, effective and last but not the least cost effective.

In addition to the above we also believe that to ensure total safety and security of a facility, security services should also combine and encompass fire safety. Security personal can protect a facility from theft and pilferage, from trespassers and criminal elements, but what is the safety of a facility and the human population within without fire protection? We have therefore built in a fire safety component into our services that will provide you with trained and certified fire safety personal to act as first responders in case of a fire related emergency or hazard. In addition to this our scope of services also includes provision of fire safety training to the personal within the facility on a regular basis. Thus providing our customers with a complete and comprehensive Safety and Security Solution that in the true sense of the term is Active Security Force


Security is 'Building and Maintaining' trusted relationship between information resources and people . It is not only protecting intellectual capital but also protecting confidential client information.


This will be achieved by implementing approximate security controls while providing a flexibility in operation.

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