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Security Services
Security Service will encompass provision of trained security personal to act as a deterrent against any potential threat either to the facility or the personal within the facility. The security personal deployed will perform the following duties:

Stationary Guards:
Stationary Guards act as access controls ensuring that unauthorized personals are restricted from entering the facility and/or the premises. They will also perform random and/or regular checks and frisking (as deemed fit by the customer) of personal leaving the premises to eliminate possibilities of theft / pilferage from within the premises being guarded.

 Patrolling Guards
The task of the patrolling guard is to maintain high level of visibility by conducting periodic and/or frequent rounds of the facility being guarded thereby acting as a deterrent to any potential criminal or otherwise malicious acts of violence against either the facility and/or its occupants.

 Parking Attendants
Parking Attendants will ensure smooth movement of traffic within a facility I try directing vehicular traffic both into and out of the facility. They will also; aid the facility in collection of parking charges. The parking attendants will act as deterrent against any potential acts of theft and/or damage to vehicles and/or acts of terrorism by conducting frequent patrolling of the. parking slots. This service also includes providing Valet Parking services.

Fire and Safety
Fire and Safety Services will include provision of fire and safety trained and certified personal to conduct frequent facility walkthroughs to assess and ascertain the safety of the facility. They will also act as first responders during fire emergencies and hazards. The personal will be well trained in the use of fire fighting devices and will ensure the readiness of the facility to fight fires by ensuring that fire fighting devices and fire hydrants are periodically calibrated and maintained. They will also conduct periodic fire training to personal within the facility, so as to minimize loss and/or damage to the lives and property in the event of a fire hazard.

Selection & Training
All personal deployed to any facility will be selected after a thorough background check and verification of their personal details and credentials. Personals selected will be put through a rigorous training program which will include personal ethics, mannerism, code or conduct, communication, and procedures for frisking, investigation, crises management and fire safety.Personal selected for the purpose of fire safety will be trained and certified by the Dept. of Fire and Safety.

All guards posted will be provided with standard issue of uniform which includes shirt, trousers, cap, belt, shoes, socks, badges, line yard, batons, torches & whistle etc. All guards are under strict instructions to be in complete uniform while on duty and maintain a pleasant yet firm and resolute posture.

A select team constituting some of the best personal in the Security Industry will conduct random site visits during both day and night to ensure that all security personal deployed on the site are alert and vigilant. Immediate action will be initiated un persundl fauna to act to the contrary.

Conflict of Interest
To negate any conflict of interest arising from personal rapport between the security personal and the personal within the facility, security guards will be regularly rotated and posted at our various facilities. This will to a large extend negate building up of personal rapport between the two and thus eliminate the possibility of our security personal becoming accessory to a criminal activity.

Deployment of Security Personal
Security Personal will be deployed at any location within 10 days from the time of request.

Statutory Compliances
GESS is a registered company and adheres to all stipulated statutory requirementssuch as, P.F. (KN/34492),E.S.I. (53-19997-101),

Service Tax No.(AKAPP5707H/ST001) Labour Registration SLI22/BLR-68/757/2003 dt 17.09.2003

While it will be our endeavour to ensure the safety and security of your facility, neither GESS nor any of its subsidiaries will be liable for any loss or damage to either life or property of its clients. (Natural Calamities), However we shall extend all support and cooperation in the unfortunate event of any such circumstance occurring

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